Join my team of AVON Cosmetics Reps in Surrey and South London!

Join my team to sell AVON Cosmetics in South London and North Surrey!

Apply here. Application Form link.


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Join my team as a self-employed AVON Representative at and I’ll show you how to make money by selling AVON Products.

You can become a Representative and sell to your family, friends or work colleagues, or AVON can allocate a territory for you.

As a representative, you can earn up to 25% discount on your personal sales. So if you place an order of £200, then you can earn £50.

As a Sales Leader, you can earn a bonus of up to 12% bonus on the sales of the representatives in your team.

What does becoming an AVON Representative cost?

When you apply to become a Representative there is nothing to pay up front. The joining fee of £15 will only be charged to your Representative account after you have placed your first order – this will be split into two equal amounts of £7.50 over your first two campaigns.

The registration fee to become a Sales Leader is just £25, which is deducted from your earnings.

What does the AVON opportunity offer you?

Working from home.

Serving local customers, including friends, family and neighbours.

Choose your hours to suit your family life.

Opportunity to grow your business as much as you want to.

Support from your Upline Sales Leader and the Company.

What does being an AVON Rep involve?

AVON Reps deliver a new brochure every 3 weeks.

The Representative prepares the brochures by writing on their contact details and inserting an order form.

The Rep then gives the brochures to customers and potential customers, and collects them after a few days.

The Representative then inputs all the orders onto the AVON website in time for their order day.

The products are delivered to the Rep nearly a week later, and the Rep then packs the orders and delivers them to the customers.

Please note that all AVON Representatives and Sales Leaders work on a self-employed, commission only basis.

What does a Sales Leader do?

Sales Leaders serve customers in the same way, but also recruit and train other Representatives in their team and earn commission on their sales.

What products do AVON sell?

To see the range of AVON’s products, see my online brochure at

How do I apply to become an Independent AVON Representative or Sales Leader?

If you would like to become an AVON Representative or Sales Leader, you can apply on the online application form  here. Any applications I receive from outside my area, I can appoint by Skype or pass your details will pass on to a Sales Leader near you if you prefer.

If you would like further information, please see my website at, or email me at

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are achieved easily.


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I am an Independent Sales Leader and Representative working with AVON Cosmetics. Apply to join Avon Cosmetics as a self-employed Representative or Sales Leader at

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